Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructures

NFV transforms software technologies from legacy proprietary hardware to an open, vendor-neutral architecture. The business benefits are clear - service agility in minutes; efficiencies through automation of service operations processes; and improved elasticity of network resources. But a key challenge lies in how to fully operationalize virtualized services to derive maximum business value.

Serro brings a unique business-centric approach to NFV that helps service providers maximize service agility and operationalize services. Our standards-based solutions work with any hypervisor or virtual infrastructure management solution:

NFV orchestration - Network Cloud Service Orchestrator enables service agility and operational efficiency through the fulfillment, assurance and optimization of network virtualization services. It uniquely evaluates changes in network state for rapid service scaling and re-fulfillment of end-to-end infrastructure management services. It leverages existing business, product catalog and operational support systems for rapid, extensible service definition and closed loop monetization. Vendor-neutral, it can orchestrate any virtual network function, providing complete deployment flexibility.

Comprehensive partner enablement - Network Cloud Ecosystem unites Network Cloud Service Orchestration solution with leading industry partners to provide open pre-integrated solutions such as vCPE, vIMS, vEPC, and enable rapid trialing and creation of NFV services.

Virtualized network control - High-performance/low TCO virtual network functions can be rapidly deployed in a multi-vendor NFV stack.

Technologies Used:

  • Intel DPDK library development for VNF products
    • vRouter packet processing
    • Hierarchical QoS cloud platform overlay network
  • Intel SR-IOV library development for VNF products
  • Platform integration
    • OPNFV
    • OpenStack
      • RBAC Ceilometer
      • ML2-Plugin
      • OVS-Plugin
  • VNF design
  • Service designs
    • BGPaaS
    • Federated Cloud Services
    • Cloud WAN Gateway

Software-Defined Networking

SDN is an industry movement for building programmable networks that are flexible and responsive to organizations' and users' needs. The SDN approach allows network administrators to programmatically initialize, control, change, and manage network behavior dynamically via open interfaces and abstraction of lower-level functionality. It addresses the fact that the static architecture of traditional networks doesn't support the dynamic, scalable computing and storage needs of more modern computing environments such as data centers. This is done by decoupling or disassociating the system that makes decisions about where traffic is sent from the underlying systems that forward traffic to the selected destination.


OpenStack controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, managed through a dashboard or via the OpenStack API. OpenStack works with popular enterprise and open source technologies making it ideal for heterogeneous infrastructure.


OpenDaylight, the largest open source SDN controller, is helping lead this transition. By uniting the industry around a common SDN platform, the OpenDaylight community - solution providers, individual developers, and users working together - is delivering interoperable, programmable networks to service providers, enterprises, universities and a variety of organizations around the globe.


Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) facilitates the development and evolution of NFV components across various open source ecosystems. Through system level integration, deployment and testing, OPNFV creates a reference NFV platform to accelerate the transformation of enterprise and service provider networks.


ONAP provides a comprehensive platform for real-time, policy-driven orchestration and automation of physical and virtual network functions that will enable software, network, IT and cloud providers and developers to rapidly automate new services and support complete lifecycle management.

Tungsten Fabric

Tungsten Fabric (formerly OpenContrail) is a network virtualization platform for the cloud. Tungsten Fabric is targeting Cloud Networking and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) in Service Provider Network. Its platform consists of a controller and virtual router. The Tungsten Fabric Controller is a logically centralized but physically distributed SDN controller that is in charge of managing, controlling, and providing analytics functions of the virtualized network.

ServiceNow Automation


The growing trend of cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) makes it imperative for IT to become more interconnected and able to manage its own operations. Helping you to refine, structure and automate the workflow for seamless service delivery is Enterprise Service Management (ESM) for IT.

Serro has partnered with ServiceNow in California for ESM software implementation and its expertise covers the entire ServiceNow platform supporting extensive integrations with other Enterprise Applications.

Serro's ITIL expertise combined with years of experience in ESM will define effective, standardized processes that you can easily integrate with your IT service delivery organization. Success is dependent on the level of integration and adoption within the larger IT organization.

Our key business focus areas lie in

  • Streamlining effective ESM solutions
  • Implementation and management of key IT Service Management processes such as Incident, Change, Release, Problem, Configuration Management & Asset Management.
  • Implementation of ESM solutions with process maturity & technological sophistication

CMDB and Asset Management

Information Technology is evolving at an amazing speed. This growing, complex environment presents several challenges for IT departments particularly in maintaining control of IT assets. This core need of businesses can be efficiently achieved by implementing asset management and CMDB on ServiceNow platform.

Benefits of CMDB and Asset Management Services

Maintain Control of IT Assets

This is particularly crucial when your assets are being managed by third-party vendors. Get strategic information on your assets and relationship, so that you can efficiently

  • Manage the risk in your environment
  • Optimize asset cost

Improvement of Service

  • Prevent and resolve IT outages more effectively
  • Drive a higher first level resolution for IT issues
  • Provides the foundation to establish a robust IT Service
  • Catalog and helps the IT organization improve service delivery processes
  • Provide a higher customer satisfaction

Make Decisions Based on Strategic Information

Get valuable information at each stage of your decision-making process that includes:

  • baseline of current cost
  • ability to assess impact of the change to the underlying business processes

ServiceNow Express

ServiceNow Express allows your IT department to do incredible things. Apart from automating your daily support tasks, Service Now Express helps you track, measure and process any unit of work through a set of integrated cloud IT service management applications that are easy to deploy and accessible any time, any place.

Small and medium-sized IT departments can now keep up with growing technology and do a lot more amazing things, a lot easier.

  1. Keep track and deliver quality services with your IT help desk services
  2. Build a centralized and integrated asset tracking system to easily track assets
  3. Get easy-to- use tools that empower your IT functioning

Boost Your IT Capabilities with ServiceNow Express by

  1. Expanding beyond basic ticketing into a workgroup or team oriented service management solution with automated routing and escalation processes
  2. Express has the ability to tag assets to incidents or problems for proper resolution.
  3. Getting the visibility to make informed decisions
  4. Making sure your IT teams are working on the most important tasks.
  5. Providing transparency that highlight IT services being provided to the business

Service mapping with ServiceWatch

Infrastructure issues affect services and ultimately the customer. Improve customer loyalty with ServiceWatch, a service mapping tool that is just want you need-accurate, proactive, flexible, automated and simple.

  1. Easily keep track of each and every infrastructure component that makes up a service
  2. Diagnose and resolve service impairments and outages quickly

Achieve Amazing Service with ServiceWatch through:

Service awareness

Automate the creation and maintenance of accurate end-to- end service maps using a unique, agentless, "top-down" approach by extending the ServiceNow CMDB.

Instant service visibility

Respond quickly and efficiently to critical business issues that impact business by equipping your IT department.

Gauging the business impact of change

Correlate problems with recent change activities by knowing how change management processes impact the availability of critical business services.

Simplification of service continuity

Minimize oversights that could compromise continued service operation by automating the creation and maintenance of accurate business service topology maps.

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IT Service Management (ITSM)

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) deals with organizing, executing and managing of services related to Information Technology.

Serro ITSM solutions provide:

  1. Business empowerment with IT services
  2. Quick resolutions of issues
  3. Improvement in root cause isolation
  4. High level satisfaction of business users

Serro IT service management processes streamlines and automates client service delivery management processes like:

  1. Incident Management - minimize losses due to service disruptions through the identification, reporting and management of incidents throughout the life cycle. Serro not only focuses on the process and technology but on the people as well driving service improvement and improving end user experience.
  2. Problem Management - Serro helps you achieve your business goals by getting to the root cause of an incident through structured analysis and solutions resulting in an increase in productivity, a reduction in service disruptions, and improvements in team communication.
  3. Change Management - Serro helps you integrate change processes across all IT platforms protecting your business from sudden and uncontrolled change. Lower costs that are related to business critical service downtime. Gain positive benefits such as improvement in service relationships and insights into change and release incidents.
  4. Configuration management - Gain insights into financial resources, service availability, and capacity management through Configuration management. Ascertain the impact of incidents, problems and change by building and maintaining a single system of record for IT management systems that enables IT service processes to collect actionable insights across ITSM processes.
  5. Release
  6. SDLC

What we offer:

  1. Process expertise borne from extensive experience and organizational governance modelling.
  2. Solutions that are proven to work and provide complete life cycle support for core processes

Portals and Dashboard

Guide your decision-making process by leveraging the right information through underlying ITSM systems that generate volumes of information. We can help you maximize Customer's investment in its ITSM platform by setting up the right content management and dashboard.

Benefits of Content Management and Dashboard Services include:

Content Consistency

Successfully create and maintain content that is consistently congruent to industry best practices. This is extremely important to increase the adoption of self-help. IT support organizations can get valuable information for support and improve their ongoing Services.

Accurate and Efficient Reporting

Preserve the value of the ITSM platform by creating a dashboard for different levels of management. Drawing from our experience and expertise, we can help you set up a dashboard that meets demands of your various stakeholders.

Help with Strategic Decisions

Dashboard configurations need to be customized to enable reports that provide the right information thus enabling a strategic decision-making process.

GRC Solution

GThe regulatory environment is rapidly changing. Traditional customer service tools are no longer working in a digitally connected service economy. Not being prepared can expose your organization to recurring compliance and audit failures, data breaches, IP losses, and service performance failure.

  • Are your GRC programs able to keep up with the changes?
  • Is there a way to identify and address such issues while simultaneously reducing case volume and increasing customer satisfaction?

Serro's GRC solution, based on ServiceNow's GRC functionality, helps clients develop and implement a robust GRC framework that is easy to install and manage.

We deliver effective GRC services which include:

  • assessing and building solutions for enterprise service governance
  • performance and service level management
  • security and compliance requirements such as SOX Type 2, HIPAA, BASEL, FISMA, PCI.

The process involves:

  • GRC Assessment and Framework Design
  • Policy Creation
  • Control Points Implementation
  • Reporting

Customer Service Management

Using structured service management processes Serro can help you deliver transparent and consistent services across various departments and geographies through the ServiceNow platform drives continuous improvement in your service and increases customer loyalty. Serro empowers businesses to identify customer issues even before they spring up using its robust ServiceNow® Customer Service Management solution. This is an omni-channel customer service solution that systematically identifies the root cause of customer issues and develops a structured approach to help you deliver transparent and consistent services across various departments and geographies. Using structured service management processes, we help you make changes to product or process and deliver integrated field service-bringing in other parts of the business to drive resolution You Customer service agents can easily correlate multiple cases to the same underlying problem

You Customer service agents can easily correlate multiple cases to the same underlying problem

  • Repetitive requests are automated and published as self-service actions on customer portals.
  • Service leaders can proactively be addressing KPI trends through advanced analytics.

Drive Customer Loyalty

ServiceNow CSM icreases the velocity of response, the accuracy of resolution, and boosts product and service quality. Benefits include:

  • Improved Service Consistency with integrated case resolution aligning different parts of the business. Smarter Customer Interaction through omni-channel customer engagement, customer and case intelligence.
  • Effective Case Resolution through root cause analysis and integrated field service, knowledge base updates, product improvements, process change, and self-service catalogs.
  • Proactive Operations with advanced analytics, anticipate and respond to KPI trends and the voice of the customer.

Drive Continuous Improvement

As a ServiceNow partner, we can help you drive continuous improvement in your service commitments that will drive customer loyalty. Here is what you can expect with Serro:

  • Visualisation of the real-time operational health of your install base to pinpoint underlying problems.
  • Permanent solutions of problems through integrated field service, knowledge sharing, product improvement and process changes.
  • Automation of services and publish as catalog items for self-serve.

The ServiceNow platform with tools such as Salesforce allows your customer service department to have a full 360 view of the customer that goes beyond the traditional CRM offerings.

Service Integrations

Seamlessly integrate outsourced services using the robust ServiceNow platform that integrates third party applications and data sources, such as CMDB, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, User Administration, and Single Sign-o.

Take full control of your service delivery using Serro's expertise in ITSM integration that takes into consideration your IT objectives and maturity.

Here are ways you can benefit:

Accelerate Speed to Market

Accelerate the spend to market of the integration using Serro's seasoned expertise in integrating different technology platforms, methodologies and pre-built integration engines.

Business Alignment

  • Get help with technical issues on business alignment.
  • Get a customized integration approach taking into your current technology and process maturity into consideration.
  • Prevent future integration pitfalls.

Improved Service Delivery

Get value service delivery through ongoing support, tuning and enhancement to ensure integration achieves your targeted goals.

Platform Application Development

Improve how your business works with ServiceNow Platform Application Development that allows your administrators to easily build cloud-native applications. Build powerful applications with pre-built services and templates that will empower your employees across the enterprise to build the apps they need without risk and retaining full control. Going beyond IT functions, ServiceNow provides a common platform that can be utilized to extend applications to different business IT functions such as HR and Finance.

Serro provides the needed expertise in the management of the development project along with:

  • An entire suite of Platform Application Development Services
  • End-to-end project
  • Skilled staff that will help you navigate the development cycle

Serro provides expansive access to specialized and certified talents that keep up with the fast-changing IT landscape and meet the unique requirements of Customers.

With our seasoned and proven track record, Serro has gained a deep understanding of the Cloud application development lifecycle management. While taking into consideration the Customer's unique business processes we empower your employees to quickly create intuitive apps that are a joy to use and increase productivity.

We have experience across verticals and enterprises giving you value service that leverages our knowledge and shares benefits with our Customer.

Cost Management

Organizations find it challenging to figure out what IT costs are for businesses and whether they are getting any value out of it in return. The reporting process is difficult and outputs are often unreliable as financial data is spread across numerous tools.

Serro's IT Cost Management solution gives you visibility into the costs of IT business services. Our fit-for-purpose cost management solution provides reliable insights into expenditure delving into the where and why costs have been incurred. The management solution quantifies the financial costs of IT services and assets providing visibility based on allocating costs from the infrastructure to the business service.

Serro's IT Cost Management Solution leverages the ServiceNow platform so you can:

  • Better understand IT costs
  • Manage and optimize budgets
  • Deliver financial transparency.

The ServiceNow platform is a single-data model that collects all IT cost-related data to assets and people in a single system of record. Organizations can manage IT services and gain control of IT finances using the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and a relationship hierarchy to aggregate related expenses to each service. The service configuration items then drive the key categorizations, both for capturing costs and allocating consumption. The application can take the total cost of a service and allocate a percentage back to cost centers, based on consumption.

Serro's IT Cost Management solution provides both reporting and tracking of costs, giving you insights on projected business expenditure allowing you to make more informed decisions resulting in reduced and more efficient control over IT cost.

Managed Services

Get the experienced support you need to manage and grow your cloud and ITSM tool suite footprint and user experience. Serro provides flexible, ongoing support for your cloud environment using the robust suite of IT applications and a custom application development platform provided by ServiceNow.

Benefits include:

  • Improved efficiencies across all IT operations
  • Better integration with business processes and systems
  • Elimination of costs associated with outdated service systems

Serro's Managed Services provides:

  • Access to talented, certified and named cloud expert resources with 24/7/365 support.
  • Assistance with various services such as Administration, enhancements, integrations, product upgrades and more
  • Create a better user experience with flexible options that match your project needs and budget.

Serro's Managed Services can benefit both small and large businesses allowing businesses with finite resources to focus on their core functions and grow profits.

Vendor Management

Vendor relationships are often difficult to manage and monitor and therefore gauging vendor performance can be a major concern for IT decision makers. Serro's Vendor Management solution can help you easily manage, evaluate and compare vendors and gives you the ability to leverage cutting-edge technology through the ServiceNow cloud platform.

Benefits of Serro's Vendor Management solution include:

  • Integrated services technology
  • Standardized and automated workflows
  • Increased operational
  • Improved third-party value
  • Reliable supply and demand
  • Complete end-to- end reporting
  • Partnership with vendor management experts

Get full control over IT outsourcing and achieve better results with Serro's end-to-end vendor management solution.