Professional Services

Serro’s data center design and consulting services cover public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments, infrastructure design and architecture, NFV, SDN, automation services, and infrastructure management services

Operation and Management Services

More and more companies are including managed services as part of their IT best practices. Companies understand the value of managed services as it ensures efficiency, accountability and alignment between business strategies and enabling automation services while reducing costs and minimizing risks. Data center design and consulting services allows management to budget effectively and assign in-house resources to focus on more business critical projects rather than managing day-to-day tasks. With the flexibility of managed services comes quick implementation of technology, expertise, and compliance.

Global Fulfillment

Key aspect of public and private cloud deployment is to deliver equipment and handle logistics all over the world to meet critical deadlines. Through our international and local subsidiaries, we can efficiently ship and move your product across geographies. Our experience in working with data centers globally along with our international presence enables our customers to operate efficiently and successfully in the markets they serve.