Introduction to Serro’s Managed Services

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Searching for quality IT professionals in Silicon Valley has become incredibly time consuming and is adversely affecting the fulfillment of many companies IT demands. And managing IT demands without access to the right talent is increasingly difficult and costing more – which comes straight off the bottom line. The growing scarcity of available talent and the job mobility of current employees can make it challenging for any business to manage their current infrastructure as well scale for future growth. We, however, can make all those problems vanish! Access to our talented multi-level engineers will instantly provide your business with the solution to the constant struggle of meeting IT demands. It means you can focus on what you do best, work your core business, while we analyze your entire infrastructure through Serro’s Managed Services (Blog 1 of 5) – also known as SMS – and then do what needs to be done to make your IT challenges go away.

Over the course of the past ten years, Serro has taken on a consultative approach by designing, implementing, and deploying data centers for our many customers. This has given us the experience and impetus to develop and branch out into a new business we call SMS, or Serro’s Managed Services.

Our raison d’etre (our sole aim), is to help identify and solve your infrastructure problems. Our fully customizable SMS system allows you to do the following: concentrate on developing operational strategies, tap into new technologies, respond to market demands, and ultimately meet your company’s current requirements and future needs.

Our multi-level engineering expertise has been gained through hard work and collaborations with large enterprises. Our clients range from service providers, telecommunications companies, web scale, e-commerce sites, open source software platforms, biotech pharmaceuticals, the media, collegiate athletics industries, and many more.

Serro develops and deploys state-of-the-art monitoring solutions to assure uptime and exemplary quality of services. These include (but are not limited to): residence engineers, engineering on demand, and white label. Our SMS is growing organically; its integrity/excellence have allowed it to flourish, and to provide the impeccable service levels we proudly offer today.

Serro’s Managed Services (SMS)

At Serro we Offer Three Levels of Managed Services:

Description Of Our Managed Services:

Engagement in Serro’s Managed Services Includes the Following:

Our NOC centers are located in Santa Clara, USA, and Pune, India. We operate 24×7: NOC-US covering the hours from 6AM to 6PM PST, while NOC-India covers from 6PM to 6AM PST.

In summary, Serro’s Managed Services allows your company to focus on the future while your current IT demands are entirely managed for you. We stand firmly behind our extensive line of services, support, and engineering talent, which we are sure will meet all your company’s needs and demands.

Be sure to stay tuned for Blog 2 will be a Use Case on how we delivered Managed Services for a large webscale company here in the Silicon Valley.