We are the trusted advisor to the world’s leading businesses, government, and e-commerce institutions.

Serro focuses on the delivery of outcomes to our customers.  Our team of certified engineers make a point to understand our client’s business goals in order to provide clear, un-biased recommendations and help lower the total cost of ownership of operating their company. We identify the problem, architect and design a detailed technical solution, document and engineer the plan, implement all phases, test and provide ongoing support.

As business goals evolve, there will be future needs to either scale existing services, introduce new services, optimize existing infrastructure or even meeting a broader corporate goal of converging infrastructure. Our solutions allow clients to dedicate time and resources to meeting and scaling their business goals rather than day to day network operations.
Learn how Serro took an existing platform to the next level by redesigning it and adding a new infrastructure that enabled a major metropolitan airport to provide carrier-grade service to its travelers and tenants.
“A few weeks ago, I attended the Juniper Marketing Academy and the overall theme of the conference was to give the attendees the tools-of-the trade on how to effectively tell and write a story.  There were some basic rules for storytelling:  it should always have these four components – orphan, wanderer, warrior, and martyr.  However, the entire essence of the academy was to inspire and help us to get to a level where we can write our own story that encompassed all of these components.   Here is the Serro story: …”

about Serro

What company provides cutting edge solutions to companies from start-ups to established businesses, across different industries? What team delivers flexible solutions to businesses in healthcare, finance, transportation and more? All the while focusing on scalability to meet future needs? We do. We are Serro, and we align our client’s IT goals to meet and exceed their business goals.